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My journey to knowing I’m a Witch – Black Cat Magick

My journey to knowing I’m a Witch

Hello, my name is Inayah Skye. I’m originally from Pennsylvania but was raised in Tennessee.

I enthusiastically love practicing witchcraft and all of its creative facets. I live with my husband, two children and cat in Tennessee.

As a young child I knew I was different. Even from my own family. At four years old I remember my first spiritual experience. My “imaginary friend” was an entity that I actually saw and talked to. And by the time I was 15 I began having dreams and supernatural experiences. As I grew my experiences and abilities increased. Being raised Christian, no one, not even the religious leaders could explain or understand what was happening to me.

As I was growing, my mother would tell true stories about her own parents practicing witchcraft and other supernatural experiences of our relatives and ancestors. I was always drawn to these stories and always carried them in my heart as a part of who I am. So much so, that every year for Halloween I’d dress up as a witch. I felt very comfortable dressed like that. Lol!

Since I grew up in the church I went mostly to Christian schools . I was surrounded by Christian influences my whole life, I embraced Christianity and eventually married and became a missionary overseas.

As the years passed I realized that something was missing from my life and that I still didn’t fit in. I felt like I needed to find myself. I realized I didn’t know who I was. I became very unhappy and fell into depression.

Years later I met a friend from middle school who ended up being my twin flame and now my husband. He helped me to realize that I was in an abusive relationship and that I am a witch. With his patience and love he helped me discover who I really am. My life has changed for the better. And now I happily share my knowledge and experiences with you.